Muncy's Plat ProntoTM

Professional Version 5



Muncy's Plat Pronto Professional 5.0 is a desktop application that runs on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. It has a new ribbon menu which should be familiar to Microsoft Office users. The software -

  • Plots surveys from deeds and legal descriptions
  • Plots subdivisions using existing descriptions
  • Plots Public Land Surveys
  • Plots tract overlaps
  • Creates plats of any size
  • Plots from latitude and longitude
  • Plots contours (if elevations are known)
  • Can subdivide a tract into equal parts, a set acreage, or a fixed width
  • Can draw roads, cul-de-sacs, lines, and arcs easily with the click of the mouse
  • Can draw using COGO tools
  • Can calculate magnetic declination
  • Converts geographic coordinates to plane coordinates
  • Draws surveys on scaled aerial photos
  • Includes, by default, a border, title block, north arrow, and scale bar
  • Plots raw survey data including bearings, curves, and rotation angles
  • Calculates acreage including precision such as 99.995+/- 0.005 acres
  • Plots surveys with missing bearings and/or distances
  • Plots circular curves
  • Computes closure and survey adjustment by compass rule
  • Produces boundary descriptions
  • Exports to ESRI shape file, Windows Bitmap, Enhanced MetaFile (EMF), or AutoCAD DXF file formats
  • Automatically converts distances from poles, rods, links, varas, etc. to feet
  • Can do metric surveys
  • Converts geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude) into State Plane or UTM coordinates
  • Can copy the plat at any resolution to the clipboard and paste the image into other applications
  • Imports coordinate lists from text files